Over the years I have laid thousands of square meters of wall cladding but until this job I had never been asked to use LONGLINE 305 on the walls as well as the sofites/ceilings on a house.  LONGLINE 305 or Brownbuilt as it used to be known, is a roofing/walling profile made by Bluescope Steel, its BMT is 0.70mm so it is hard to work with and difficult to cut by hand.  
When designing this house, the architect Oscar Booth wanted to achieve a semi industrial look with keeping prominent straight lines. To achieve this look LONGLINE was the walling profile he chose, it accentuates clean straight lines with narrow ribs and smooth pans. 
At the front and rear of the house were sofite/ceilings, these were also specified as LONGLINE, the problem we faced was to create a neat, eye pleasing transition point or mitre where the ceiling sheets met the wall sheets. Between Oscar, the site foreman Carl Hariquest and myself we came up with this design.
One of the hardest things while doing this job was keeping the ribs and pans in line with one another. Also using this detail both the ceiling sheet and the wall sheet had to be individually marked and then cut, I personally cut every one by hand - and I know what your thinking it did take me a lot of time but the results were worth it, I have had many people remark to me how good this looks.
The LONGLINE 305 is fixed using concealed fixing clips, the only visible marks are the button punch marks. When it came time for us to fix the trims and cappings, I did not want to ruin the look of the house and have rivets and screws showing, I had no other option than to use a concealed fixing method. Using my spangler skills and the same way that we finish our copper and zinc roofs off, all trims and cappings are custom folded and locked into position, no visible fixings. 
We do a lot of architectualy designed homes but I have never used LONGLINE 305 as wall sheets on a house, but seeing this project completed, makes this house the most prominent building in the street.
2009 Ridge Roofing :: Site By Pitstop 101